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Carrey was left alone at the summit but given a knife to protect himself from cougars. An NBC Page was standing on a ledge at 30 Rock threatening to kill himself when Carrey showed up for his “SNL” audition.

Saying that he believes in signs and listening to the universe, Carrey says that as he showed up for his “Saturday Night Live” audition in the early 80s, there was an NBC Page standing on the ledge of the 30 Rock marquee threatening to jump. And I was tucked as much as I could but, it’s hard to hide the python.” 7.

Raleigh police and the FBI still haven’t figured out what caused the loud noise. A News & Observer investigation uncovers deaths that were ignored and examines the impact of an influx of mentally-ill and drug-addicted inmates who could have been treated elsewhere.

Durham County Durham police officers responding to a break-in call found Chane Boxley on Hammond Street and reported that she attacked them and tried to run before they arrested her on multiple charges.

He once famously recounted that one trip left him feeling like a 'giant penis launching off the Earth like a spaceship'.

Grant's relationship with the drug, which he first tried in his therapist's office in 1957, forms the basis of a new documentary set to screen at the Cannes film festival next week.

Here are the seven most shocking items Stern was able to get Carrey to talk about. Tommy Lee Jones told Carrey, “I hate you,” and meant it. ’ And he said, ‘I cannot sanction your buffoonery.'” 2.

But despite his cool exterior, Cary Grant was wracked by self-doubt caused by childhood trauma for most of his life.

One of Carrey's earliest leading roles, he starred opposite Lauren Hutton and Karen Kopins.

Lamentably, it was uninanimously panned by critics.

“He got up, kind of shaking, and hugged me and said, ‘I hate you. After getting a starring role in the short-lived NBC comedy “The Duck Factory,” Carrey invited his parents to move to Hollywood and live with him.

After performing a set at The Comedy Store, he met singer-songwriter Linda Ronstadt and the two became romatically involved for eight months, with his mom and dad under the same roof. Carrey pitched his Matthew Mc Conaughey impression to “SNL” and admits he worried the Oscar-winner would kick his ass.

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