The miz and maryse dating 2016

Interestingly enough, two of the three that were set in stone first are now in jeopardy.The match between Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal has been on-again, off-again while the long-awaited showdown between Triple H and Seth Rollins is on life support because of Rollins’ knee.We've seen a lot of weird things happen over the past few years at the RAW after Wrestle Mania.Monday night, something happened that we've never really seen before: What happened at Wrestle Mania didn't matter.

Maryse is now working as an estate agent in Los Angeles after earning her real state license while Miz is busy doing movies and professional wrestling.

She is not only a good actress but also a well known wrestling manager too in WWE.

She has risen to fame after winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada as a model.

They loved these superstars in reel life and wants to follow them in their real life as well.

So, keeping this in mind, we compiled a list of top 10 real life WWE couples. The tenth position on our list of top ten real life WWE couples is acquired by “Cody Rhodes & Brandy Reed”.

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