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For example, a complete sample of Australian men taller than 2m would consist of a list of every Australian male taller than 2m.But it wouldn't include German males, or tall Australian females, or people shorter than 2m.A smoothie sans banana is hardly a smoothie at all.

It's important to us that all users are over the age of 18.Nationwide, single young men outnumber their female counterparts.The overall male-to-female ratio is 10 among single adults ages 25 to 34.Abstract: At the very bottom of the human male hierarchy are the irrecoverable social failure, the “omega males.” No one writes about these guys; they are largest group of at which no one has ever taken a serious look.(Yes, here we have an "omega" writer, but I'm talking about the category of omega for whom there is no hope.) These are the least sexually desirable males and therefore are the ones who are unable to find a women for a healthy normal relationship because their desirability is too low given the existence of less women than men, the omega's own standards and, in some places, men marrying multiple women.

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Typically, the population is very large, making a census or a complete enumeration of all the values in the population is either impractical or impossible.

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