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Behind the scenes, we quietly shine through our actions—not necessarily our (spoken) words. For me, it was a manager at a former workplace who often worked from home. I wished that I could get away with his behavior and attitude. For people like me and my close-to-quitting friend, the concept of giving anything less than our best doesn’t cross our minds. We set high standards for ourselves and are disappointed and frustrated when we can’t always achieve those standards.When he was in the office, he was cool and relaxed and never appeared to be working, yet he was highly regarded by upper management. It’s that impending anxiety of failure that caused my friend to believe: “If I can’t do my job well, I don’t want to do it at all.” But the brutal, honest truth is that many bosses don’t notice who is giving 100% and who is doing the minimum to get by.

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A friend recently told me that she was ready to quit her job.

Big changes at her workplace meant that new responsibilities were being heaped upon her.

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