Dating for dinner

But those people became members before we restricted our geographical target.

Our Singles Dinner Parties were introduced especially for those who wanted to take a slower and more sophisticated approach to dating.

Brandon Wade of the app Carrot Dating, meanwhile, is even more explicit in his aims.The Hi Dine process is simple: After being granted permission to join the “exclusive” Hi Dine community, would-be daters create a profile in which they list their favorite foods and the specific restaurants they enjoy.The men are instructed to find women who share similar culinary interests and “ask them out to a restaurant you think they will enjoy based on their lists of favorite restaurants.” The women, meanwhile, are instructed to “sit and wait” to be asked on a date. “I come from a small town where guys act more like guys, and this wouldn’t even be a question in some places,” Mc Ginnis told me in a phone interview.At the same time, their companies aim to make the pay-to-date model of fringe sites like Sugar and Seeking (the latter another of Wade’s projects) palatable to a mainstream audience.And in doing so, they make explicit the uncomfortable assumptions — about money, gender, and transactions — that can lurk close to the surface of ordinary dates.

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The protocols and practices of dating, and the terms used to describe it, vary considerably from country to country and over time.

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